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Riven Rock Ranch is at one with its hilltop panorama high above the Guadalupe River. That it appears to have taken root and grown among the native trees is part illusion, part reality. Original ranch structures built by German settlers in the 1870s were the beginning of today’s expansive ranch enclave. Stones and rocks used in construction and landscaping were—and still are—quarried on site. Founded as a ranch and farm operation, and still a working ranch with self-sufficiency farm undertones, Riven Rock Ranch is developing a new dimension as a legendary resort of very real pleasures and restorative powers.

Today’s owners, Chris and Elaine Havens, have combined their energy, industry, and artistry to create the perfect environment for modern man to examine and refresh his relationship with nature, his fellow-man, and himself, then to come away whole.

Your Wedding & Reception
Many idyllic scenes and plenty of breathing room set the perfect stage for your private function at Riven Rock Ranch. The great outdoors of beautiful hilltop and riverside terraces meets the great indoors of delightful, expandable meeting/sleeping space for groups of as many as thirty, and there is a spacious meeting hall for larger gatherings.

Whether your special event is a wedding, reception or both, Riven Rock Ranch resort magic will work for its success.

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